Sunday, May 4, 2014

In My Kitchen - May

May is the most beautiful month of the year because it's Eurovision month.

While currently all things in my life are solely focused on The Chow Down to Eurovision 2014 I thought I could still squeeze in a mini in my kitchen.....referring to the size of the post for "In My Kitchen" and not my ability to wear a tiny skirt. (I'm pants all the way unless there is cash involved and then we can talk.....)

Ok moving right along before it is obvious that my balance of sleep and quantity coffee isn't quite in harmony this morning.

In My Kitchen....
....are my latest cookbook purchases and a bonus.

To continue my all things Bake Off obsession the latest from John Whaites and Mary-Anne Boermans which after the Chow Down to Eurovision I will try and cook my way through, just so that there are no recipes that feel left out

The Stephanie Alexander was a free gift with a magazine subscription (though it was cooks companion that was advertised but mag shop has never been known for their reliability*) *in my experience

If anyone knows next week's lotto numbers can you let me know?
I need to have so many more hours to just read, learn and cook......I'm sure you are all with me on that!
In My Kitchen... a range of Italian products I am very fond of and am surprised I haven't shared with you before.
 If you hadn't guessed by now they are all fridge magnets!
They are my most prized possessions from my trips to Italy, but they are not available everywhere or exactly cheap like the mass produced souvenirs.
I have only found them at the airport, and a couple of shops near Fontana di Trevi.
I look forward to my collection increasing...soon I hope!

We even have a Dutch addition when I went all Tonia Todman and made one myself from a packet saved (not stolen) from a hotel breakfast buffet in Amsterdam.
OK so you can't escape my kitchen Eurovision free.........
In My Kitchen.... a podcast interview I did for Eurovision Canada. It was great fun and they have done a wonderful job putting it together. #Spoiler alert they do play snippets of this year's songs
I was going for devouring the cookbooks but I look a little more like back off these are mine!
I guess Fabio is safe in his job......for now anyway!

Thanks to Celia from Fig Jam and Lime Cordial for hosting the monthly In My Kitchen, dont forget to check out the other kitchens and say HI.


  1. Great post - you definitely didn't lose out with your Stephanie Alexander book as it's also totally fabulous. Have fun at your Eurovision party!

  2. Jason, you mad thing, what a hippy hippy shake of a post! Love the fridge magnets! And I'm disappointed at the no miniskirt - I thought you might be taking a leaf from this year's Austrian entry. :D Have a fabulous Eurovision month, and thanks for taking the time to squeeze in an IMK post! x

  3. Love those fridge magnets! Thanks for sharing.

  4. I love you!

    ps: great work with the home made magnet

  5. Oh, and snaps on that podcast. Well done you!

  6. Love all your Italian stuff. And Davide on the fridge too!!

  7. Love all your Italian stuff. And Davide on the fridge too!

  8. The fridge magnets cracked me up. The cookbooks are great, even Stephanie's. Now that photo of you eating the cookbooks. I thought you were telling us to keep away too. :) Lovely to meet you through Celia.

  9. G'day! I loved reading your post today and thanks for brightening my day!
    Thanks for this month's kitchen view and for you being you!
    Cheers! Joanne

  10. Jason, your sense of humor is showing. :) Fun IMK post -- especially the fridge magnets. (Can't live w/o mine either, although they're not as international as yours.) Have fun eating (or eating your way through) those cookbooks!