Sunday, September 24, 2017

We need bigger hearts and a world with more cake

I doubt it will come as a shock that increasingly our social media feeds are really just a synopsis of all that is broken in the world.

Our phones becomes an endless scroll of our departed music idols, publicised terrorist attacks and a catalogue of human cruelness and suffering. I say publicised terrorist attack knowing full well there are many more attacks in parts of the world we will never ever hear about on the news.

We can show our social media support for programs like Go back to Where You Come From and Filthy Rich and Homeless but I doubt a re tweet ever stops you being hungry.

There is a point while wishing someone will do something about this that you work out that you are in fact someone.

This moment came for me a few of months ago during my normal commute when I saw a poster than had been defaced with a swastika. I got really angry and knew I had no option but to fix it. I have no idea why I felt so passionate about this but knew this symbol was not going to become part of my community. 

During my day I'd been planning what I could do, clean it off? Draw over it? In the end after a quick trip to officeworks, covering it up with a heart was the best option. 

We clearly just all need bigger hearts.

This is a road we can never go down again

We need bigger hearts!

So while I may not be a political genius or the most diligent human rights activist, I can make a fairly decent cake. And I'm sure every baker would agree if you are going to change the world it would be foolish to do that on an empty stomach!

Over the next 12 months I will be auctioning off a cake/baked good a month and donating the proceeds to different charities.

The cake will be Melbourne based but that doesn't stop anyone from participating as you may nominate someone else to receive your cake if you aren't local. 

To bid all you need to do is comment below with your maximum bid and this delicious cake could be yours! 

The first cake to be auctioned is my signature Great British Bake Off inspired chocolate cake covered in ganache and raspberries.  (complete with missing raspberry)

All the proceeds from this first auction will go to The Heart and Lung Transplant Trust Victoria

The Rules:
  • Bid by making a comment with your maximum bid 
  • Cake pickup/deliver is only melbourne based
  • Cake will be baked after auction and exchange time has been arranged to ensure freshness
  • Bids will be displayed in the comments below
  • Payment is via paypal

This auction will close midnight 8/10/2017
The cake sold for $65 which went to The Heart and Lung Transplant Trust Victoria