Sunday, June 8, 2014

In My Kitchen - June

Maybe I'm getting old but I think I have to start another In My Kitchen post with has it really been another month already??
At least it's not just me as when AB asked what I was writing he responded with "but didn't you just do that?"
Ok so that's how many sleeps till Christmas I hear you ask??????
In My Kitchen....... an epic purchase fail!
I had people over dinner but didn't have a menu planned so it evolved while shopping.....the best plan.
Dessert ended up as pandan ice cream with kaffir lime and coconut cake and chilli almond praline just to ensure every course had chilli!
I spied these coconut flakes and thought they would be a great addition to the cake for a garnish with height. 
One slight problem, I believed they would be crisp like a chip but no old wood shavings is probably a more accurate description!
I then soaked them in water thinking they might soften like a shitake mushroom which I thought could still work, but no, nothing changed.
So has anyone used them and what on earth do you do with them??? Potpourri??

Recipes for both will be coming soon
The cake was inspired by a bay cake I saw a while ago, I think from someone in the In My Kitchen gang.
In My Kitchen.....
.....are some cute little radishes that are not only delicious but so easy to grow they will be a permanent addition to my garden.
In My Kitchen.... a braided loaf I made as part of the Sunday Bake Club "inspired by another member" week thanks to Paul for his instructions. Now that we have done 4 braids, I think 6 should be the next adventure! Do I hear 8?
 In My Kitchen, and to be honest everywhere I go...
....Is a pedometer as part of the Global Corporate Challenge. I am not a competitive person I just have to win!!

It has actually been really enjoyable finding little ways to add more steps each day, especially that 30 minutes of fresh air in the middle of the day.

I had a goal yesterday to get to 40K so after walking over 10km I didn't know if I needed to lay naked in a vat of cake batter or call an intensive care ambulance!

The pedometer froze and stoped counting steps for about 1.5 hours before I noticed.....annoyed is not the word!!

I suspect they are not the most top quality/accurate item, has anyone got a Fitbit or the Nike version?
What are your thoughts?
Don't worry I didn't lie in the cake batter but I did make muffins......pants on I promise!!

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Chow Down to Eurovision 2014 -Winner

The votes are in and have been counted (gotta love an Excel spreadsheet) and we have a clear winner of Chow Down to Eurovision 2014. 
Before I announce the winner I'd just like to thank everyone who voted and offered suggestions for Chow Down to Eurovision 2015.....I can't wait!
In true Eurovision fashion I'm not just going to announce the winner......we must have a bit of an interval act, which traditional now seems to be a cake of the contest theme logo.
If you are reading this and have scored the job of designing the logo for Eurovision 2015 in Austria, please be kind and think of how a little Aussie baker is going to have to recreate it in cake.......

The stage was set and this year's logo cake was going to be dramatic.
No one was harmed in the making of this cake but it ended up soaked from the hose putting out the fire!

Latvia had a cake to bake and it crowned them 2014 champions, well done Latvia!
Here is the final leader board
We will now resume normal Don't Boil The Sauce broadcasting till Chow Down to Eurovision 2015