Saturday, April 5, 2014

Chow Down to Eurovision 2014 - Sweden

God kväll this is Sweden calling, host of last year's really, really, really wonderful show.

I think they did a marvellously job of hosting and how could you not love Petra's interval act....that I believe was inspired by Eurobeat's interval act "I'm Sarajevo, Taste me!"

You be the judge...... 

This clip is Mel Giedroyc and while I love her on Great British Bake Off, Julia Zemiro is the creator of the role of Bronya and will now and forever be the only Bronya in my eyes.
But as a Bronya once said, beggars can't be choosers and it's very hot could you open a window......

Lots of clips today, we are heading back to 1960 when 4 points could still get you 10th place as it did for Siw Malmkvist with Alla Andra Får Varann.
Our tasty delight from Sweden today was going to feature in last years Chow Down to Eurovision but due to some time constraints with ordering the tools became the first entry decided for this year.

I do love a kitchen gadget so when I saw how cute the finished rosettes look, I had to have one.

This recipe comes almost straight off the Fox Run packet the moulds came in. (not a sponsored post, I bought it with my own cashola)

  • 1 cup plain flour
  • 1 cup milk
  • 1/2 tsp. salt
  • 3 tsp. sugar
  • 1 egg
  • 500g vegetable shortening
  • Mix all ingredients into a smooth batter, I did this with a stick blender
  • Heat the shortening to about 185°C in medium saucepan
  • Hold the mould in the shortening for about 15 seconds to heat up
  • Blot any excess shortening on kitchen paper
  • Dip the mould into the batter making sure it is level and doesn't go over the top of the mould
  • Hold the mould back in the shortening and fry for about 45 seconds till golden brown
  • The shells may fall off the mould while frying or may require a gentle tap
  • Drain on kitchen paper
  • Serve dusted with icing sugar
  • Or now as I'm typing this, I'm thinking icing sugar and crushed peppermint/menthol lollies for a cool hit to give the illusion of snow flakes for a white Christmas treat.


Lycka till

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