Saturday, August 31, 2013

Rough Trade

Before continuing this post I want to say that I know that there are tradespeople out there doing amazing work with fantastic customer service so why do I always manage to find the dodgy ones??

Now I regret my lack of interest (bored out of my brain) in workshop class at school, how could I have known an ugly square pencil case could help me in later life.

I'm not particularly gifted in the mechanical sense unless it involves a piping bag.

Don't get me wrong I'm not completely useless, I'm a wiz at a flat pack and even managed to construct a lattice fence to keeps the chicken off the vegie patch. When it comes to anything more elaborate I'm at a loss and am at the mercy of tradies. (not in a 50 shades kind of way, keep it clean)

My list of great tradesperson experience include to date:
  • My latest and favourite is getting a call "we just need to confirm the plans as the design we have doesn't match the kitchen layout" to find out they have removed the oven of the neighbour 3 doors down!! Yes, I speak not a word of a lie they had started at the wrong bloody house!! (one of life's little mysteries as to why the owner didn't stop them)
  • Not arriving on day of confirmed booking because there is wasn't a booking???
  • Arriving to start quoted work then saying it's too hard and will cost more because it is on a slope
  • The electrician who changed the lights in the bathroom after I'd said I didn't want them changed.
  • Having to supply a fence builder with a hammer (seriously)
  • Having to instruct said fence builder that the nails need to go into both pieces of wood or they don't stay joined
  • Having a big enough gap between the ground and said fence for a small child to get through
  • The old chestnut of the long wait, "I'll be there after lunch" to arrive at 6pm (technically its after lunch I know)
  • The lonely tradie that just wants a chat rather than finishing the job
  • The confused tradie with attitude "Look mate, this is old and broken" (which is possibly why I engaged your services Sherlock)

Thankfully the installation of the new oven went without a hiccup once they found the right house and the carpenter and 1 of the electricians were brilliant so I've keep their numbers!

My beautiful Cara.
When it came to naming her my dear friend Lina said she should have an Italian name so Cara is perfect as it means dear and expensive.
You would think I would have launched straight in the baking but the new boundless possibilities had my heart racing and head a wash with a million ideas. I needed a cup of tea and a lie down to calm the nerves so just warmed up a chicken nugget.
Has anyone had any other strange tradie experiences they want to share? (again keep it clean hehe)


  1. Early November - everything ready to go - plans agreed, appliances sourced and paid for through kitchen company and tradesman turned up on time!


    By 11am the old kitchen was removed and heading for the tip and the tradie began to install the new cabinets. At 12 noon I asked him when he expected the appliances to be delievered? He looked surprised, like he expected them to be hidden by me somewhere in the house, then a phone call to Head Office aadvised that the appliances had not been ordered (despite being already paid for) and that the company was in the middle of being "acquired". No one knew where my appliances were so a new order was required - they were finally delivered in late February.

    All I can say is I became an expert on BBQ cooking.....

  2. That would have been horrible! I do wonder what these people would think if it was happening in their home. I'm glad your new kitchen is finished and hope you are cooking up a storm :)