Thursday, September 5, 2013

It was the best of times, it was the yeast of times......

The idea of sourdough is something that really appeals to me, starting from basically nothing and then with the proper care going on to live a lifetime.
I do have a confessional though I am a serial starter killer.
Given that the new oven and eventual wood fired oven would need to earn their keep in fresh loaves I thought I would try starter parenthood again.
After much reading and the procurement of 100% (purchased from a hippie) organic flours it was time to create life.
Two little bundles of joy were fashioned and on the internet's (which never lies) advice were given names to help in the nurturing process.
A boy Dwhite from unbleached organic plain flour and girl Ryelene from biodynamic organic rye flour.
I shouldn't have favourites but Ryelene was mine and even had her own theme music. Ryelene, Ryelene, Ryelene, Rye-le-he-he-ne, I'm begging darling please don't take my bran. (thanks Dolly)
Dwhite sadly had no theme music.

 Ryelene and Dwhite
Day 3 Ryelene has a growth spurt

Day 4 Ryelene is busting out and Dwhite is just kicking back

At day 7 there is so much flour/water added your need to reduce the starter. I felt sad throwing out part of Ryelene so as not to be more wasteful Dwhite whipped up some quick (overnight) loaves.

Such a smooth and beautiful feeling dough. 
You rest now little darlings
The light in the new oven is great, it might become the new photo studio

So delicious, I'm very proud of you Dwhite
On day 10 the unthinkable happened Ryelene and Dwhite developed a white mold overnight and passed over. I am blaming the start of spring and 2 unexpected warm days.

With all the love and attention they had been shown in their brief lives I hold in my heart the thought that they have just slipped into the next room where they are bread.

If there can be a silver lining to such a sad event it is that Dwhite lives on!!!
After making the trial loaves I had some extra Dwhite in the fridge leftover from the intensive feeds prior to making the bread.

I think for Dwhite the true bonus is now he has his own theme song with a little help from East 17 It's really all Dwhite....All Dwhite, all Dwhite, every bread's gonna be all Dwhite!


  1. I can't believe you didn't get to make any bread with ryelene!!!

  2. I make my sourdough with buttermilk....I don't have the room to keep a starter going... Xxx