Thursday, August 1, 2013

Bye Bye Dry July.....

It's time to raise a glass and bid adieu to Dry July and congratulate the winners of the 1st birthday competition.

I am breaking the drought with an espresso martini but these last 31 days has put an end to my soft drink habit, I suspect for good. Now with all this new found will power August will be a month of exercising everyday.....well maybe that could wait till September.

The winners of the Big Girls Blouse DVD were Anieweb for correctly answering that Lynne Postlethwaite "works" with Carmel, and Faye who won the Dry July donation round. Congratulations and enjoy your prize.

Thank you to everyone who donated I look forward to the day when cancer charities are redundant because we have found a cure!!

Until then I will leave the link on the site as I'm sure they will accept donations at any time during the year not just July. (June is the perfect time for those tax deduction receipts, just hinting) 
This is a great effort for the first year participation, next year will be even bigger.

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  1. Yay!!!! for some reason, I don't get ll your posts????