Sunday, July 1, 2012

To top it off

With all the excitement of bread I needed something to top it. I had a pineapple in the fridge with screamed at me “make me into jam”.
I’ve only made few jams but the concept is pretty simple, fruit, sugar and a setting agent (juice of a lemon) you then just let if simmer away till it is soft and will set when cooled. I’ve never made it in batches big enough to keep to worry about it going off or the need to wax the top of the jar.

I remember a dinner with my partner's parents where we had some a bread roll or scone (see the memory is going) and his dad asked if we had any jam, “no but I can make some”. Frozen blueberries, a squeeze of lemon, sugar, 20mins and hey presto jam.

Minted Pineapple Jam

·         1 small pineapple about 300grams, peeled, cored and finally chopped.

·         150grams sugar

·         Juice of 1 small lemon

·         60ml water

·         2 large sprigs of mint

I just added this all together and simmered on low for about 45-55mins.

The mint was added for the last 10 minutes and then taken out.

The pineapple will soften and it will be ready once it thickens and set on a plate when cooled.

If it just to be eaten fresh, it doesn’t really need to set. Next time i mignt wiz 1/4 of the pineapple in the food processer to change the texture.
Hmmm it would be nice over ice cream or a pancake.

Most jam recipes have equal amounts of sugar to fruit but I have learnt from my best friend who is the queen of jams that half sugar is much nicer. This will of course depend on how sweet your tooth is, I don’t mind the odd tart every now and again.

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