Sunday, July 1, 2012

blog bread

I have learnt so many things about cooking from blogs and you tube it is just like going to le cordon bleu or a cooking tour of china. The internet has been responsible for many kitchen adventures, from the turducken (chicken inside a duck inside a turkey), the joys of fondant with the cake boss to homemade cheese.
One of my favourite is the no knead cast iron bread. I have been making bread for years but i could never nail that airy ciabatta type country loaf. This recipe is a no fail, no brainer. 
I guess science plays a major part with something to do with the cast iron chamber and the moist dough. The best part is there is no need to lash out $300 bucks on a well-known brand name pot. I was excited as the Aldi catalogue had pots for $19 but after being there at opening to score one, I realised they had plastic knobs that were only oven safe to 190 degrees. There is nothing worse than a plastic knob that can’t take the heat.  Walking through K-Mart later I saw an all cast iron pot, handle included, not $19 but on sale for $15. Ripper!
This weekend has been carb central and every loaf is a winner. I have followed the recipe which is rare for me but as they say cook with no rules but bake with precision. I still can't help myself, adding 3/4 of a cup chopped black olives and a good handful of shredded parmesan at the second proving stage makes bread soooo good "you should open a shop"

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