Sunday, September 7, 2014

Let's Get Technical - Great British Bake Off Series 5 Dessert Week

So week 4 of Let's Get Technical - dessert week Mary Berry's Tiramisu Cake and I'll say, this has been the most challenging technical so far. 

The biggest challenge I have had to over come is disagreeing with Mary Berry, I know how does one even suggest such an idea. 

It all started with the first ingredient in the filling 1 tablespoon of instant coffee added to boiling water? No that can't be right? It's a tiramisu ma dove è il caffè, un espresso???

There was a lot of agonising between following my life philosophy of living in a home that does not contain instant coffee or tracksuit pants or following the baking wisdom of Mary Berry.

During this difficult decision, I thought back to that moment of childhood when we first learn that our parents aren't always right and perhaps don't actually know everything. O.K. Done, decision made I am not using the instant coffee, not now, not ever!

Sadly my rebellious phase with Mary did not end there, I would substitute the brandy for some marsala, as I found the quantity of brandy used really over powering (though it may be required to drown out the horrid taste of instant coffee if heading down that slippery slop)

Oh Mary, I am so sorry, it doesn't stop there, what has come over me???

Cutting one sponge to make the layers is just messy and I don't think it is worth the hassle, if I were ever to make this again (unlikely), I would just bake thin layers.

Mary, I'm sorry I doubted you, I know you have immensely more baking knowledge than I do (yet) and I promise to behave from now on, well until I see you with instant coffee, glace cherries or shop bought fondant!

Another technical challenge another day buying more cake tins.

An 18cm loose bottom square tin is something illegal in Australia as no matter how many shops I went too 20cm was the smallest. 

At least the time for this challenge is doable and realistic unlike the baked Alaska

I did feel the urge to channel Nancy at this point "jobs a good'un"

Unlike a band-aid don't rip the baking paper off too quick

Some chocolate "art", thank the stars it's a bake off and not a draw off!

The over sized tin

The chocolate that was meant to be grated and added between the layers, oops a mistake like that would have sent me home! 
Karma for disagreeing with Mary perhaps?

I thought my froth spilling out of the chocolate cup with chocolate covered coffee beans was inspired but realise the execution may be a little more Mr Whippy and dead flies.

AB's Mum didn't mind that the layers were uneven though I was ashamed, embarrassed and realised it most likely ruined her birthday dinner!
Should have weighed the filling in even quarters what was I thinking?!?!

Thankfully I had a back up cake that made up for it
Maybe I've been photographing food too long but apparently you are supposed to put people heads in the shot? 

Like my thoughts on instant coffee, do you have a food you won't allow in your home?


  1. I'm with you on instant coffee, Eurgh...I'm also scared of olives so they don't make an appearance in my house... And not food, but I'm with Joan Crawford on the 'no wire hangers ever' rule ;-)

    1. Well hopefully you don't use the same tactic as Joan to rid your home of wire hangers??? I'll happily relieve you on any offending olives!