Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Let's Get Technical - Great British Bake Off Series 5 European Cake Week

So this week I had to make Mary Berry's Prinsesstårta AKA Swedish Princess cake.

I had said I would not include any spoilers in these posts but I must mention the Eurovision opening to this weeks Bake Off. It was like they had come into my mind and combined my two great loves, Eurovision and baking.

The episode has sparked a flood of rumours that there will be a Great Eurovision Bake Off.

All I'm saying is Belarus you have my number.....call me! Have you not seen my buns??

When I watched the episode and saw the cake and time limit, there was a massive amount of fear to this bake. (a little bit of wee came out)

How on earth would I finish this cake in 2 hours and 15 minutes when even Mary's recipe says it takes around 4 hours....
Here is how the bake played out via twitter

I promise it is bad rushed piping that has caused the look of the custard, I do not have lumpy crème pat, not now, not ever!

As if by some baking miracle we have a Princess Cake, now can I have a nap???

After the piping back split with the chocolate, a quick cover up decoration turned the princess into a drag queen...

Like a tabloid scandal the dodgy insides of the Princess are revealed to the world

Defined layers are so last year, it all about the merging this year!
Thankfully the cake has found a home with a group of marathon runners, they can probably spare the calories.

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