Monday, September 15, 2014

Let's Get Technical - Great British Bake Off Series 5 Pies and Tarts Week

In true Great British Bake Off technical challenge fashion I am setting a time limit on this post.
On your mark, get set, WRITE!

I should post these on Sunday night but to be honest I'm a bit knackered after the challenges and before you know it, it's Sunday again!

For pie and tart week I had to make Paul Hollywood's Mini Pear Pies in 2 hours.

Here is a recap of how the bake happened via my live tweeting:

This is a recipe that I would practice and make again. I'd like to try a beef or lamb wellington version as I really like the effect the spirals have on the pastry.

My syrup was a little thick as I did have to chase a chicken out of the garden mid challenge....they don't do that on the show!!

I like to think the storks are a homage to the Australian landscape after a bush fire, next time must remember the foil hats for protection.

 The pear pies found a welcome home as a Fathers Day dinner dessert with AB's parents

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