Sunday, January 24, 2016

Chow Down to Eurovision 2015 - Iceland

To borrow a line from the gorgeous Icelandic diva Asa we have Big Kisses from Iceland!

The inspiration for the Chow Down to Eurovision dishes come from many places, my own travels, cookbooks, YouTube videos and sometimes just passing comments as with today's offering.

On an evening out for a Eurovision group reunion and Ott Lepland concert eve dinner, Adele mentioned they had good hot dogs in Iceland and that was enough to get the ball rolling.

I had to find it true? (see what I did there?)
Are Iceland's hot dogs really that special? 
And yes, it is true...on the internet, people do think Iceland's hot dogs were pretty good.

The secret may be that apparently there is lamb in their wieners rather than just the traditional pork or beef. 

Not having access to a good Icelandic sausage (story of my life) never fear dear readers I put the Don't Boil The Sauce philosophy into action and just made the bloody thing up!

The lamb mince I get from the farmer's market has a pretty decent amount of fat in it so with that quality of flavour if you can't get lamb in your sausage you will damn well get it all over it!

Iceland Hot dogs
  • 6 long thin frankfurters
  • 150g lamb mince
  • 1 small brown onions, chopped
  • 3 rashers bacon
  • Grated cheese
  • Tomato sauce
  • Whole grain mustard
  • 6 hot dog buns (I'm sorry Mary Berry I didn't make my buns this time)
  • Gherkins
  • Warm Frankfurts in a water bath/saucepan (don't boil or the skins will break)
  • Slice bacon into 1-2cm piece, fry in a frypan with a splash of oil
  • Remove bacon from the frypan
  • Add the chopped onion to the frypan and soften
  • Add the lamb mince
  • When the lamb is just about cooked add the Frankfurts with 1 tbsp of the cooking water
  • Toast or warm the hotdog buns
  • Add Frankfurts to bun, top with lamb and onion mix, bacon, cheese, tomato sauce and mustard
  • Serve with gherkins

I wonder what the drink of choice is in Iceland?

Iceland was represented in Vienna by Maria Ólafs who after a shaky performance in the second semifinal placed 15th and failed to qualify for the final. Iceland's first absence in a Eurovision final since 2007.

I suspect nerves and the pressure played a part for Maria which can disrupt a singer's control as your body is your instrument. 
Maria clearly has a great voice and can sing as demonstrated at Euro Fan Cafe the night after the semi final when she appear with Hera Bjork (2nd video below)

A dear friend did not recognised her at first and suggested to part of the Icelandic team that her voice was so good they should think of her for Junior Eurovision! 

What is Icelandic for awkward??

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  1. I've actually eaten a few Icelandic hotdogs, when we visit a few year back. I think the real reason they are so popular is that they are cheap. Food is ridiculously expensive as they import everything so the lure of a relatively cheap hotdog is very strong.

    1. Affordability the old friend of popularity! I hope to try a real Icelandic hotdog one day...