Saturday, June 29, 2013

No really it was nothing - Raspberry & Rosewater Labneh

A lot of people freak out when they see a recipe that takes a couple of hours, overnight or even days, but it's important to remember that you're not actively involved for that amount of time.

Patience is a virtue that allegedly based on gender I will never posses but as the hashtag states sexism stops with me so I'm ok with slow food.

48 hours is a good time frame for this dessert with about 4 minutes of participation required, how can anyone not love something pretty that takes zero effort?

Labneh is a thick strained yogurt cheese that can have an almost cheesecake like texture, sounds perfect so far. Natural yogurt is the key as the whey will separate where as some "thickened" yogurts don't separate to the same extent.

I have been experimenting using cheese moulds to shape the labneh but find the results to be not as attractive as I hoped. The raspberries may have something to do with it but I'll keep working on it as I have a vision of plating moulded labneh with crushed baklava and pistachios. Pomegranate seeds are another option and while deliciously tart I preferred the texture of the raspberry.

Raspberry Labneh
This recipe will serve 4-6
  • 1kg natural yogurt
  • 200g smashed raspberries (frozen)
  • 150g icing sugar
  • 1-2 tsp. rosewater (more or less depending on the strength of your rose water)
  • 80g pistachios toasted and chopped to garnish
  • Place a fine sieve over a large bowl
  • Add the yogurt and cover with plastic wrap
  • Let sit in the fridge for 24-48 hours (the longer the thicker and it will lose about 200g in whey)
  • Place yogurt into a mixing bowl
  • Add raspberries, icing sugar, rosewater and mix
  • Serve garnished with extra raspberries and pistachios
  • Photographed is about 24 hours straining, I could happily go thicker
  • I also haven't add the ingredients and then strained as I think that would be draining away flavour as well as whey.
  • It would also make a great cake filling


  1. Labneh is basically cream cheese. I make it the same way to go with my sugar cured salmon and horseradish and avocado sauce. Ive never thought of going sweet! Yummmmm! I do strain it for so long.. probably about 12 hours .. xxx

    1. I'm going to have to try the salmon it sounds perfect!