Friday, November 18, 2016

Let's Get Technical Great British Bake Off 2016 - Royal week Final

Well we finally made it to the final bake and post of #let's_get_technical for 2016!
Is it just me or do things take much longer as we get older......(or do I just take on too many projects??)

I'll be honest I was a bit disappointed when they announced that the technical challenge for the Great British Bake was going to be a Victoria Sandwich.....again???

The weird and wonderful unfamiliar bakes is what makes the technical challenge so much fun but I understand when the old vicky sponge made another appearance. This technical challenge really was the exam after the weeks (years) of study. Had I been paying enough attention to bake a cake just from my brain?

And drum roll please, it appears I can! Thanks to the many series of British and international bake offs I think I have learnt enough about cake that without a recipe I can wing it.

I look back to that day years ago I turned up to channel 9 with an olive and parmesan loaf and a trio of chocolate tarts to audition for a show I'd never heard of.....if only I knew then what I know now.

Thank you Bake Off for teaching me to bake.


  1. I'm afraid I still need a recipe to make cakes. I am always amazed in shows like Chopped when people can just whip something up from memory. I loved your Victoria Sponge. One day, when I'm in Melbourne, you can cook me a 'real nice tea'.

  2. I've loved your Bake Off Blogs and twitterings... Well done on your amazing achievement. Will you now progress to a hastily put together Bake Off endorsed baking book with all your favourite recipes...?