Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Chow Down to Eurovision 2016 - Dami Im Answering The Call With Cake

Its a very special day in Stockholm with the first on stage rehearsal for Australia in Eurovision 2016. Dami Im has been sensational at the live performances I've seen, so I can't wait to see what she has in store the Eurovision stage. 

SBS and the #DamiArmy have been asking Australia to answer the call but you know when Julia Zemiro declares they are going to need more catering it's my cue to get on board.

The Chow Down to Eurovision has featured many dishes inspired by Eurovision songs but the only other dish created specifically for a single performer is the Conchita's Phoenix Linzer Torte and well we all know what happened to Conchita....#JustSaying

The security guards at EuroClub have told me how much they love the new Carpenters album, so let's hope that translates into votes!

This outfit is the "going to the ball puffy dress" version of the dress Dami wore in the tv commercial. 

With Eurovision rules you can only have 6 people on many if they are made of cake?

After 11 shops this was the only doll I found that wasn't blonde!
Should have gone to ebay as they had a great diversity of dolls.

The base of the cake is a dense chocolate cake and then there is a whole army, or should I say DamiArmy, of fondant!

Wishing Dami Im the best time in Eurovision 2016. We are all behind you!

For the ultimate in Eurovision party food, which contestant from this year would you most like to have as a cake?

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  1. Where do you find the time Jason? Who would have thought all of those dolls would be blonde ; )