Monday, December 28, 2015

Boxing Day, Birthdays and Leftovers...

Now if you believe social media and really who wouldn't believe such a credible source? Boxing Day is all about left overs!

Leftover cold meat on toast, leftover pavlova for breakfast, leftover wine when clearing the glasses from the table....too far?

Boxing Day isn't only about leftovers it's also about birthdays, well a birthday, mine!

People often comment that it must be awful to have a birthday so close to Christmas well in reality if it was the choice of that or not being born, I'm happy Jesus and I are neighbours.

I've never had a problem with the timing, I managed to avoid all bar 2 birthday parties as a kid (I've always been very social)

The biggest being a surprise party for my 18th and I'll try not to sound ungrateful but surprise parties are what you do to people you hate!

No good can come from a surprise party, the guest of honour has no input into venue, timing, guest list, food, or theme. 

Let's us travel back a few years....OK a few more...

I liked the idea of getting paid to walk so at 17 I'd deliver the junk mail around the neighborhood, crap money but at least I got some air. 

My 18th began as I arrived home from a delivery, sweaty, smelling and in a hideous yet appropriate walking outfit to be greeted by about 30 of my year 12 school "friends".

Sometimes wishing for death is not enough....

I learnt two important lessons that night 
  1. Alcohol can be a saviour to get you through such situations 
  2. Having West Coast Cooler as the only alcohol available is like throwing an ice cube on a fire
I thought this was going to be a lighthearted YAY birthdays post but I may have some issues I still need to work through......OK onto the food!

I've written about my ultimate birthday cake but this year I wanted to be totally on trend and challenged myself to do a leftovers cake!

While it is more a tart than a cake, it did have a candle, someone sang and I blow it out so it counts!

My Boxing Day Favourites Leftover Tart was a fly by the seat of your pants experimental tart so there isn't a recipe, but I'll talk you through what I did. 

Christmas is my Favourites time of the year and wouldn't be complete without chocolate money.
I'm sure you have one or 2 boxes in your house right now?

Leftover pastry from making mince tarts

Blind baked at 200°C for about 15 minutes 

The filled chocolates I chopped up and left the solid ones whole. 
I left the cherry ripe in even though I can't said it, I should have left it out...ewwww.

I added about 200ml of cream to the chocolate which would have been about 600g in total

I bake at 180°C for about 15-20 mins and then stirred to combine cream.

I had some leftover almonds and cashews from making the incredibly moreish spicy nuts from Annabel Crabb's Special Delivery that I was given for Christmas. 

They of course become praline.....salted naturally

Leftover cream, slices of a chocolate coin, wrapping paper, old streamers, candle and plaque and we are ready to get this party started.  

This is the an absolute die hard sweet tooth's dream, I get the feeling the diabetes won't be leftover but brand spanking new!

It's too sweet for me so next year i'm already planing to make my cake out of left over chicken nuggets....
Apart from the cherry ripe all the flavours and textures come together to create a tart that will have you bouncing till next Boxing day, you might even be on enough of a sugar high to enjoy a surprise party!*

*you won't because no good can ever come from a surprise party


  1. Happy Birthday! I'm with you on surprise parties... never!

    1. Thank you, I'm glad I am not alone. We can party together but only with the appropriate amount of notice required by the established rules of society.

  2. Well done on using up all of those leftovers - it would have been terrible if they had gone 'bad'. I have Annabel's book too - in the world of celeb chefs and everyone turning out a book, this one's a keeper.

    1. I love the idea of it being transportable food.
      If I'm honest i'm ok if they go bad, chocolates can sit in my fridge for ages, cheese on the other hand well for get about it!