Sunday, October 25, 2015

Let's Get Technical - Great British Bake Off 2015 Dessert Week

Week 4 in the tent, dessert week saw our remaining baker Jason tackle a Spanische Windtorte.

While the name suggests the result of a big night on the chorizo and bean tapas it is actually the drag queen equivalent of a pavlova. 

Not originating in Spain or even Australia the Spanische Windtorte comes from we already have our entrant for Chow Down to Eurovision 2016??

The baking on the serving dish makes no sense to me as it is glued onto the base like cement! 
You can image how this helps with the ease of cutting and serving??

I did think during this challenge that I would never make one again but as the weeks have gone on the idea of a Christmas windtorte doesn't sound completely silly.

Would you make a spanische windtorte or stick to the good old Aussie/Kiwi pav?

What is your favourite pavlova topping? 

I don't mind a spoonful of kiwi fruit with the beautiful marriage of tart passion fruit and cream cocooned pav. 


  1. Well done for finishing early. You needed that extra time to tweet and instagram. You love top pipe don't you?!

    1. I think next year i may need a social media manager if the challenges get to hard! Thanks for dropping by again :)