Sunday, August 10, 2014

Let's Get Technical - Great British Bake Off Series 5 Cake Week

Firstly I should apologise for the title of this series because Let's Get Technical fits perfectly to ONJ's Let's Get Physical.....and will be stuck in your head for days.
Let me hear Mary Berry talk! (warned you)
The Great British Bake Off started again this week for a 5th series which means my obsession will be flamed for another 11 weeks.
Previously I've written about my love of the Bake Off in all it's international guises in these posts: My Own Private Bake Off, My Bake Off Birthday and 200 Odd Years And Still Pinching Bread.

The main reason for my enjoyment of Bake Off is that it is a show based on skill rather than personality, bitchy tactics, or relying on family tragedy to have a good enough back story so the audience can cry through and forget that you're actually a bit rubbish at cooking.

I have learnt so much just from listening to the judge's critics, the baker's explain their methods and seeing the successfully and sometimes not successful results.

Though the best way to learn is with practice so over the next few weeks I'm going to be baking the technical challenges that are in the show each week.

I of course have the massive advantage of seeing the show first, having the recipe, and not having a camera crew just waiting to see my every mistake. I will stick to the time limit that is allocated in the challenges and if you follow me on twitter @dbtsauce you will be able to follow the bake in real time. (Sunday afternoons)

I'll then photograph the result, good, bad or ugly, it will be honest but let's hope there's no major disaster...

The first challenge was Mary Berry's Classic Cherry Cake (recipe here)

I do love Mary Berry, but hate glace cherries though I soldiered on.

So with two hours on the clock all that was needed was for someone to yell:
On your mark, get set, BAKE! (ok I did it and I'm not ashamed either)

Oh Mary why?? ewwww I hate glace cherries, even just touching them.

I suspect I was a little heavy handed with greasing the tin which I think has made it darker.
It did just slide out of the tin though.....and almost onto the floor.
Those icing lines aren't even, Paul won't be happy!

It's all about your cherries being suspended....

 My nuts are quite large as I'd forgotten flaked almonds so flaked some whole almonds myself
 Well if I'm going to do this, I'm going to do it properly!
And amazingly my cake was ranked number one, ok it was the only one but work with me here.
The verdict is I'm quite happy with this as a first attempt at this cake. I think it's quite achievable in the time frame but would be so much better without those vile glace cherries!
So that's one technical challenge down, let's see what biscuit week brings??
Have you been baking this weekend? Have you tried Mary's Cherry Cake?

If you need more cake and well the answer to that is always yes,  Lucy at Supergolden Bakes is hosting My Great #GBBO BAKE ALONG


  1. looks pretty good ... better than several of the attempts on this week's show :-) I'm no fan of glace cherries either but they look pretty well suspended here!

    1. Thanks Pauline, I do have the advantage of seeing the challenge first, but I would love a turn in the tent!

  2. This cherry cake looks perfect! Delicious :-)

    1. Thanks Kirsty, it was a lovely cake if it wasn't for the cherries. I might try it again with other fruits :)

  3. aaarrgghhh - I love that show and I can't find it on anywhere here in WA. What channel should I be looking on?

    Love your cake by the way, and think the cherries look quite well suspended. Personally, I love glace cherries :). What was the technique being showcased in this technical challenge?

    1. I've been watching online, sadly we don't get enough bake off on Aussie TV.
      I think one of the main things there were looking for with this one was even cherries distribution rather than all sunk to the bottom, the "suspended cherry". If you like glace cherries its a lovely cake.

    2. Aah, then I shall have to try and work out how to watch it online also. I am slightly technologically challenged so not sure how that will go. Definitely going to try though because it is such a great show. Thanks for the info.

  4. your cake looks great - very well dispersed cherries! Loving the pic in front of your bake too - well done on 1st position! ;-)