Friday, August 3, 2012

Looks aren't everything, but they help!

One thing I am loving about this cooking adventure are the happy snaps. Instagram is the best invention since sliced sourdough!
A picture tells 1000 words so next time I need to write a report I think I'll try and Instagram it, 5 snaps 5000 words, transaction complete.
I have had a bit of time on my hands the last weeks so I have been preparing for the remote chance of the onset of famine.
So far 2 cheeses made, a Parmesan and a farmhouse pepper cheddar. The Parmesan is nine months from being ready so just enough time to paint the nursery and think of some names.
Home made pomegranate molasses, limoncello, blueberry friands.
Gave life to a sour dough starter, still haven't come up with a name, suggestions greatly welcomed
Cleaned the pantry and paid the garden a little bit of attention.
Whiped up a croquembouche and some adorable puppy dog cupcakes (stolen idea from a twitter pic, i love the inspirations from the internet)
And even managed to fit in Yum Cha two sundays in a row, life is good!
The broken fence has been replaced so it could be weeks (hopefully not months) away from getting some little chickens, bring on the pavlova and quiche....or it's off with their heads!!

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  1. Can I have some puppy dog cup cakes please - savoury? HAha I know you like a challenge....