Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Podcasts about food and eating to make you happy and hungry

There are so many wonderful podcasts about food and eating that I wanted to create a list where I could keep a track of them.

This list will be a degustation of foodie podcasts with more added over time as I discover them. Please share your favourite foodie podcasts so a place can be set for them.

Firstly some shameless self promotion but I host Refreshments Provided with my mate Carly Findlay and she would kill me if I didn't mention us! 

Our podcast is really summed up by the tagline "you can't be sure where the conversation will go but there will always be Refreshments Provided..."
Rather than talk ourselves up, this is what some of our wonderful listeners have said about us.....the money is in the mail!
"Refreshing, authentic & charming.
Just like sitting around the kitchen table with a couple of friends. Refreshments Provided is full of incite & thought provoking topics. I love that Carly & Jason can flit from the hottest shows on Netflix to reworking our thinking on disability. A joy to listen to"  - han_loo itunes 

"A comfortable catch up with good friends. It would be perfect if only I could snack on the delicious food discussed." -Jo_Aus itunes

Ingredipedia a "factual food fight podcast" hosted by Emily Naismith and Ben Birchall. They go head to head in a battle for the most interesting fact, moment in history, childhood memory or experimental recipe featuring the episode's theme ingredient. There is particular attention paid to the American civil war and the musical genius that is the La Porchetta theme song.  

The Dinner Special podcast is hosted by Gabriel Soh chats his "food heroes" - food writers, food bloggers, food photographers about their passion for food.

Olive Magazine Podcast is a glimpse into what is hot and happening in the UK food and drink scene as well as a companion to the magazine. 

The Pass "Australia's newest food podcast" has host Magdalena Roze catch up with well known chefs to discuss their favourite restaurants and food experiences.

This Melbourne based podcast hosted by Jay Clough explores the food culture of the world's most livable city. Scoff is informative, energizing and unapologetically ranty. 

Kimberly Wilson of Great British Bake Off fame hosts Food and Psych podcast chatting with guest about food and the significance or influence it plays on culture. 

With the explosion of "crack" single handedly keeping the production of the Salada alive Chat 10 Looks 3 cements it's identity as Australia's most influential food podcast. Leigh Sales and Annabel Crabb pepper their chats about politics, Helen Garner and the Americans with discussions of baking and a lust for Ottolenghi. 

More and more podcasts will be added over time 

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