Sunday, November 2, 2014

In My Kitchen - November 2014

Now that spring has sprung, it is mostly my backyard that is In My Kitchen this month.
In My Kitchen... the promise of future pies, jams, and sauces as the first signs of this year's apple crop develops.
In My Kitchen... the excitement with the possibility of fresh sun kissed strawberries of an afternoon and the reality of knowing that most likely the bloody birds will get to them before I get home!

In My Kitchen... a weird sense of the seasons as I have Brussels sprouts growing!

In My Kitchen... a lovely head of broccoli that was hiding under taller plants, which is maybe why it hadn't sprouted before I had the chance to pick it, which is my normal trick with broccoli.

In My Kitchen...
...Is a green cauliflower just poking through the leaves waiting to grow up to be covered in cheese sauce. We all have dreams!

In My Kitchen... something purple, what a surprise! I think it might be another cauliflower but I've actually forgotten what it is!

In My Kitchen... a hipster's paradise with a tonne of kale!
I just love it and am so proud of my little crop, if there is a world disaster at least I know I could feed myself on kale.
In My Kitchen...
....are some crabs I got from the farmers market. I was thrilled to find seafood this week at the market. While I can normally get the most plump, sweet and juicy mussels ever, I had been missing a variety of seafood. These little darlings found a home dressing some asparagus in a crab sauce.

In My Kitchen... a new home for my cake tins, which is a little fuller now than when the photo was taken.
You can never have too many cake tins right???
In My Kitchen...
....soon to be framed are some Tom Hovey prints from The Great British Bake Off,  just to add to my  Bake Off obsession.

In My Kitchen... the product of my Bake Off  #Lets_get_technical "training".
AB's parents were arriving home from a trip and AB asked, if I was going to the shops, could I pick them up a loaf and some milk.
My response was "how long is the flight?.....2.5 hours? I'll make the bread"
In My Kitchen... the memory of a wonderful night at the Spice Journey wrap party at Maha* with another blogging friend Carly Findlay from Tune into Radio Carly. I still reminisce about the zucchini flowers!
Another highlight was the pumpkin Turkish delight which on the way back to the car AB did announce "You need to learn how to do that pumpkin Turkish delight.....and you could do a steamed custard bun version" ok then!
*not my client
 Carly Findlay, Shane Delia and I.
Shane is the handsome bald bloke, no, the one in the middle, not on the right, easy mistake!
In My Kitchen... a shameless plug and a "note from home" as to why I may not have been as active here of late.
Terminal Three is a Eurovision show I do with Matt and Fraser and we post a new show Sunday nights. You can subscribe at YouTube, completely free of charge!

Thanks to Celia from Fig Jam and Lime Cordial for hosting the monthly In My Kitchen, check out the other kitchens


  1. Lovely look into your kitchen. I wish I had enough space for a rack for all my baking tins.
    Have a super week.
    :-) Mandy xo

  2. Jason, I have greenery envy of your veggie patch. Mine seems scant in comparison. I totally agree about cake tins... I bought one more last weekend at the markets. I'm still working out the difference between a bundt tin and a kuglehopf. Oh well, I think I now have one of each ; )

    1. Kristy I am the same as you when it comes to bundts and Kuglehopf and resort to My Big Fat Greek Wedding..."its a cake!"

  3. Jason, you are right, you can't have too many cake tins. BT I love Shane Delia.

  4. You can nver have too many cake tins when you are obsessed with bake-offs!

  5. Could the purple 'thing' be kohlrabi? All the veggies look amazing - hope they bloom in abundance :)

  6. Darling man, you can keep the Brussels sprouts, but oh, I'd give a lot to be able to grow apples in my backyard! And that lovely green cauli is very tempting too! You can never have too many cake tins, but some of us are better at hiding ours than you are. Isn't it fab when we get to the point that it's easier to bake a loaf of bread than to go to the shops! Yours would have been soooo much better as well! :)

  7. I don't know why Jason, but in my head I thought you lived in the UK, its only just dawned on me that your live in Australia, what got me thinking was your opening line 'not that spring has sprung' , i thought no, its winter here in the U.K
    Anyway, admiring all your growing veg, I have been a neglectful gardener this year and hope to rectify that next year. Oh my look at your collection of cake tins, I need to dig all mine out in one place and take a picture. Love those prints.

  8. Thanks for stoping by Shaheen......I like to think I'm a global brand hehe

  9. Beautiful, beautiful garden pictures! Isn't is just so lovely & amazing to watch produce grow :D