Sunday, November 4, 2012

Layer upon Layer upon Layer

The chickies have finally arrived!
Their presence has been about a year and a bit in the making. The process could have been made very simple by going and getting a flat packed coop at the hardware store and be done with it, but from all the reviews I have read that is just asking for your chooks to become a fox's dinner.
The coop we settled on wasn't cheap but it was the best option for happy, safe birds as well as it being built for life. It is so well made that if you put a solid roof, sides and floor, I'd happily move in. The girls, Flo, Dorrie and Mrs Whit, moved into number 96 and we so loving themselves sick in their new home, Flo was laying less than 24 hours in. The other 2 have been a bit slower to come to the party. but they are aware that I have a copy of "101 chicken dishes".
They have averaged 1 egg a day but today we got 2 so things are looking up. I need to explain to them about my baking so they understand prolific production, mine and in turn hopefully theirs.
I don't mind getting the girls out as they love a bit of free range action, plus they are way better than TV. Even though they are yet to love cuddles, they have all managed to pay a little visit while I have been writing this post. why is it everything in my life is apposed to cuddles? (outside on laptop, chickes ain't coming inside)
The first egg didn't get the royal treatment of being served with truffle, it ended up in a timpano as I had run out. We did however have the cermonial first breakfast with poached egg on smoked salmon muffin and minature asparagus from the garden. There would have been holiandese but the girls weren't quite up to that just yet.


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