Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Chow Down to Eurovision - Now Boarding

Cue the music:

Ladies and Gentlemen, Mesdames et Messieurs, Welcome, and Bievennue to Chow Down to Eurovision 2013. From now and till we touch down in Malmö on the 18th May, we will be sampling some of the best cuisine the 39 countries competing in this year's Eurovision Song Contest have to offer.
So please ensure that your tray table is firmly locked in the extended position, have some glitter on standby, kick off your sling backs and as they say in the classics, ladies you relax too.

My love of Eurovision began in 1999 but reached a peak in 2005 when I was the Eurovision Song Contest Winner ESCtoday.com Fan of the Year Winner, ok, ok I was first runner up, but do you have any idea how hard it is to beat a girl that's been trapped in a bomb shelter?? So as you can see I have a minor obsession with Eurovision or does a having tattoo put me in the weird freaky fanatic box? The thing I love most about Eurovision is it is just a celebration of music, culture and joy, laced with some remarkable frocks and at times questionable singing.
AB and I also have a bit of a strange habit (if the tattoo wasn't enough) when it comes to Eurovision as we try to avoid hearing the songs until the actual contest, that way they are all given an equal 3 minutes to wow us with song, dance, as many outfits as humanly possible to create the most memorable performance. This can lead to problems when people what to have prediction type conversations causing me to rethink my life choices and vow to watch the national finals, but I never do. It stems from going to parties on a Saturday night to see the contest, a week after it had happened because of the time zone, so you need to spend the week in media lock down to not find out who won. That also involved being with new party goers that didn't quite get the contest and felt compelled to join in by pointing out that "she didn't sing in tune" "that dance was awful" "what are they wearing" "River Dance started in Eurovision you know" or the classic of anyone new to Eurovision "why isn't Australia in Eurovision?" Seriously people?!?! If I had a dollar for every time I got asked this I would be able to host the contest myself, and the answer is " we aren't part of Europe, just like Israel, Azerbaijan and Turkey" (thank you Julia Zemiro, have always loved your work)
So now the only way for me to watch Eurovision is, alone, at 5am, via the official streaming. You can almost pick up the excitement and buzz in the stadium, almost like being there, which I was in Athens 2006 greatest night of my life but more about that when we get to Greece.
I have included some musical condiments to help us enjoy our stopovers in each country, at the top of the post you will find a piece of musical gold from past contests and at the end, for those who don't like surprises, will be the song that will represent each country this year in Malmö.
The recipes that feature in this Chow Down to Eurovision 2013 have come from a variety of sources, some have been suggested by friends in the respective countries, others are from my own travels, or are a result of a huge amount of trawling the internet. They are a tribute, a homage more than being 100% authentically approved by the department of culturally cuisine in each country.
As the Chow Down to Eurovision progress through the years I would love it more of the recipes are submitted by readers or the Eurovision contestants themselves.
If there are any TV produces reading my dream would be to take this all the way and do a road trip through the each Eurovision nation and learn the authentic dishes from village Nonne and the like, very Sarah Wiener style. On that note, seriously any TV producer that wants to throw money at this, it would be brilliant television as any thought of killing my own lunch would certainly bring on some big blokey shrieks, tears and probably even a little on screen chunder. I can hear a Logie, Bafta and Golden globe just begging for this to be made.

How it works:
  • Voting will be open during each semi final
  • The countries with the most votes will move to the final
  • Voting will recommence and our winner will be announced on the 18th May
Chow Down to Eurovision 2013
The Running Order

Semi Final One
  1. Austria
  2. Estonia
  3. Slovenia
  4. Croatia
  5. Denmark
  6. Russia
  7. Ukraine
  8. Netherlands
  9. Montenegro
  10. Lithuania
  11. Belarus
  12. Moldova
  13. Ireland
  14. Cyprus
  15. Belgium
  16. Serbia
Semi Final Two
  1. Latvia
  2. San Marino
  3. Macedonia
  4. Azerbaijan
  5. Finland
  6. Malta
  7. Bulgaria
  8. Iceland
  9. Greece
  10. Israel
  11. Armenia
  12. Hungary
  13. Norway
  14. Georgia
  15. Switzerland
  16. Romania

The Final
  1. Germany
  2. United Kingdom
  3. France
  4. Italy
  5. Spain
  6. Sweden


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